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  06.21.10 11:56:37 New track

 Please, Welcome to the Future

  06.21.10 11:51:51 New tune

 New track released, drum'n'bass:
 Have a good day.

  06.21.10 11:51:43 Equand - Dreams: 4 track Maxi-single out. Updated

 Updated the list with all of the stores:
 4 tracks: Breathe, Time Warp, For You, Some More, - were released on Basskraft label.
 You can buy them from here:
 Hope you like them.

  09.03.09 08:26:39 New tune

 New track released, piano:
 The Walk

  05.25.09 03:36:43 New mastering

 Yes. Breathe has been polished and remastered - and now it sounds quality.
 Uploaded the new version, check it out ;).

  03.04.09 18:53:53 Update

 Updated Time Warp, new sound rocks, check it out! ;)

  01.19.09 03:14:44 14 December 2008: So I'm 21 like 10 days already.

 Decided to update my website, added photos.
 Updated: Also check the new tune in production Time Warp. It's not final, and unfinished - beware, but it's cool.

  09.21.08 07:19:57 New track - A remix of Eurythmics

 so here it is, house remix of who's that girl. Enjoy!
 Equand vs Eurythmics - Who's That Girl

  07.01.08 20:08:47 Uploading old tunes

 I'm uploading my old tunes (sub-genre "Old") so check back anytime. Dark Reality is up. Soon I'll fulfill another request for "Never give it up".
 Whilst I haven't uploaded it you can request it on dnbradio.com:
 UI - Never Give It Up
 Other tunes there are:
 UI - Mother (Original)
 UI - Dark Reality (Original)

  06.29.08 20:55:49 Site update

 Added sub-genres for your comfort.

  06.28.08 03:33:57 New house track up

 Night Life
 Enjoy ;). Though it's a little bit weird...

  06.20.08 21:28:49 Site update

 Fixing up, new tunes coming soon, I'll keep you informed!

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